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Streets of Kiev


Khreshchatyk is the city’s main avenue. Without any doubt that is the most beautiful street in Kiev. It is lined with high-rise buildings and decorated with green alleys of chestnut and lime-trees, lawns and flowerbeds. To make the traffic of this street saft the underground passages (subways) were built under it. 

Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, that begins from Khreshatyk, with its charming poplar alley, blocks of new apartment buildings is one of the most beautiful street in Kiev.


Bessarabs’ka square marks the end of Khreschatyk. The 80s and 90s of the XIX century were to bring rapid building of Khreschatyk and Rue Grand Vasyl’kivs’ka. Bessarabs’ka square turns into one of the most central squares in Kyiv.

There was a hospital nearby a while ago. ; after permanent restoration, it was turned into a shopping center – Mandarin Plaza. The central building of the square later appeared to be Bessarabs’ky covered bazaar, erected in 1910-12 years by a Polish architect Gaj. The style was chosen – Ukrainian Modernism with little of Constructivism. The bazaar is masterfully embellished with sculptures and ornaments. These have been made by students of the Kyiv Artist School of Balavens’ky.

A few years ago Bessarabs’ka square was rebuilt and now underneath you can find a brand-new shopping center – “Metrograd”.

Parallel to Khreshchatyk there runs Volodymyr-Street. It starts from the Historical Museum next to which one can see St. Andrew’s Church. In the neighborhood , in the centre of a spacious square there stands the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the outstanding military leader and statesman. The monument was erected in 1888 by the sculptor M. Mikeshin. St. Sophia’s Cathedral architectural ensemble, which is now turned into a museum, is attached to the square. The cathedral was built in 1037. It strikes the visitor with its well-proportioned architectural forms, wonderful play of the rich multi-colored frescoes and mosaics.



St. Sophia's cathedral


Museum occupies 5 hectares of spacious grounds. St. Sophia Cathedral is the masterpiece that is worth your attention, a world famouse creation of architecture and monumental art dated by 11th century.

The name of the cathedral “Sophia” comes from the Greek word “sophia” which means “wisdom”. Consecrated to the “wisdom of Christ’s teaching” the cathedral would, according to its founder, Yaroslav the Wise, firmly establish Christianity in the country.

As the main metropolitan church of Kiev Rus, St. Sophia’s Cathedral in these early times was the community and cultural centre of the state. It was here that the coronation ceremonies were performed; it was here that foreign ambassadors were received; here the Kiev veche (popular assembly) was held, in front of the catherdral walls ; here the chronicles were written, for Yaroslav the Wise established at St. Sophia’s the first library and scriptorium in old Kiev Rus.

With its age-long-past, the cathedral has survived enemy raids, looting, partial destruction, repairs and reconstruction.



St. Andrew's Church


Perched at the top of Andrew’s Descent, this colourful Baroque church is one of the city's best known landmarks. It was built in the late 18th century by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli whose other works include the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Saint Andrew Church overlooks the historic Podil neighborhood, situated on a steep hill - Andriyivskyy Hill, the church gave the name to. It is currently one of four architectural landmarks of Ukraine, which were put down on the List of Mankind Treasures of Five Continents by the world society.

As the church sits atop a hill, foundation problems have been one of the main concerns of preservationists. More recently, the foundation below the church has started to shift, causing some concerns that the church's foundation might collapse. Cracks have already appeared in the foundation, and some of the church is falling decor has been found in neighboring areas.




Cyril Church


Cyril Church was constructed as far back as the XII century, especially precious are extant in interior fragments of frescos.

The church was named in honor of Saint Cyril, one of the most eminent Orthodox saints. Cyril is also known as a Slavonic apostle.

Saint Cyril Church was built near Dorogozhichi region in the middle of the 12th century. The church was founded on the territory of old monastery, on the hill. St. Cyril's Monastery is a medieval monastery in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

In 1965, the Church became a branch of the National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kiev", allowing for major restorations as well as historical documentation to begin. Since the late 1990s, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been allowed to conduct regular services inside the structure.


National University of Kiev-Mohula academy


The original Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, founded by the Metropolitan of Kyiv Petro Mohyla in 1615, was one of the most distinguished and earliest among higher educational institutions in Eastern Europe. It is situated in Podil.

The National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy was formed in 1992; just before that the Soviet Union had gone through a spate of turmoil, leading to its eventual dissolving and allowing Ukraine to gain its independence.

Except Kiev Mohyla Academy there are other places that are worth seeing as well, such as: the House of Peter the Great, two monasteries called Frolivskyi and Pokrovskyi, Kontraktova Square and the Fountain of Samson.

PODOL (Podil)

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